Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Virtual Studio Tour - Jennifer Campbell

My art studio is in the garage behind the mural I painted on my garage door.  Actually I think my studio covers many areas of my home.  The garden with its firebowl and waterpot is one of my inspiration areas and is near the studio where I create my found object jewelry and assemblage art.

Studio behind the doors (before 2011 garden project)
Inspiration space - my garden 2012

Another inspiration area is my living room where I keep my art books, journals and a collection of spiritual treasures.  My inspiring view is of a canal in Venice, Italy. This mural is 9’ high x 12’ long,a  trompe l’oeil mural I painted when I owned a decorative painting company.
Inspiration space - my living room

What sort of art work do you do?  What are you currently working on?
In my garage studio I create found object jewelry and assemblage art, mostly in the Steampunk genre.
Currently I’m creating a “time machine” assemblage using many of my favorite treasures.  My found object jewelry can be seen on my website www.jennifercampbelldesign.com
Earrings created from pocket watch parts

Watch part pendant

Pendant created using watch parts

Steampunk assemblage

Vintage camera assemblage

Necklace created using art deco buckle
How does your studio need to function?  Give a brief description of your working space.

My studio needs to be a space where I can be messy (drilling, sawing, sanding, gluing) and can spread out when I’m working on a body of work for a show or a for a client. I do park my car in the garage, but when I’m really in creativity mode I can pull the car out of the garage and set up extra tables.
Work in progress - time machine

My favorite - the industrial workbench
What do you love about your studio?
I love being surrounded by the treasures I’ve collected – various tins on shelves on one wall, boxes and wood items on another.  My favorite thing is my industrial workbench that doubles as a bar for garden parties.  I can leave the “mess” while working on a project, yet my home stays clean and organized.  I love that I’m “working outside” with the garage door open in the summer and fall.  Yet on cooler days I can run errands, pull the car in (turn off the engine) and the studio becomes immediately a warm and cozy workspace.

Vintage tins

Wall of wood
What would you like to change about your studio?
I had wanted to hang a curtain on a cable (to divide the furnace/water heater area).  Having to post my studio on this blog gave me just the jumpstart I needed to complete that project.  I love it! And I would love to have a couple of big windows.

What would your dream studio look like?
Windows – lots of windows! A cozy room with both cabinets and shelving for storage.  Wall space to hang works in project and completed.  A small fridge to store smoothies and drinks.  A comfy sofa and a side table with a lamp on it and book storage nearby – perfect for a cup of tea an afternoon nap after a day of creating.
Do you have any organizational tips?
Ohhhh, do I!  I don’t think I mentioned that I’m a professional organizer.  www.TheArtofOrganizing.net 
Many of my clients are artists and we’ve worked together to create fabulous workspaces for them.  Really think about how you use your space.  Have the items you use the most readily available.  As your art changes, move the tools needed for those projects nearby.  Keep small items in labeled drawers.  Have inspirational art and treasures on shelves or walls where they can be seen.  As you grow and change as an artist, your workspace should too.
Bins of found objects and clock gears

Thank you for joining me in the virtual tour of my studio!
Jennifer Campbell

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lavender Is in Bloom!!

This weekend most of the lavender farms in Yamhill, Washington, Multnomah, and Clackamas counties will be open to the public as part of the state's Lavender Festival. 

I'll be selling my journals at the Yamhill Lavender Festival just off Hwy 47 at Behula Park in Yamhill, Oregon. Stop by while you're out and about.