Saturday, October 30, 2010

hello to all of you

Well... I was finally able to get on with Paula's help. So now I can
post. I sure enjoyed you all on our retreat. Looking forward to spending
time with you all.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day of the Dead, Your Invited! By Stephanie Brockway

I'm proud to announce, another great show in pdx. We hung all the art today.....and await all the opening night festivities Oct. 28TH. 6-9
Here's my found object carved horse....all ready to go.

My carved couple got all dressed up, too

Here is my "hanging of the art" dream team, after a job well done. Our own talented Tory Brokenshire (in front of one of her famous giant Santos) and Gloria Sowell, thanks again, gals!

The outside of Guardino's tonight, all set to go. The opening will feature a Altar, both in and outside, also music by Janet Julian. Should be fun.
If you can't make it to the opening, drop by until Nov.21st.

Monday, October 25, 2010

October has been an artful Month! by Lenall Siebenaler

This past weekend the group spent Fri afternoon through early Sunday afternoon together at Menucha.  It is always a great time--full of Friends, Art and Food.  I always go with a very full agenda and manage to plow through a lot of it.  These are a couple of the things I finished. More more on the weekend check out my blog at:


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Colorful art by Debi Koenig

I am inspired by color.  My eye is drawn to anything that combines many colors . . . a box of crayons, a rainbow, a bright fall leaf, or a wild and crazy fabric.  They all get my attention, and make me smile.

For me, art is play . . . and I do love to play!  LOL  I have been having fun making paper for the last couple of years, and I never get tired of this kind of creativity.  I am always experimenting with new paints, new colors, and new tools for getting the layers of paint on the paper.  Each piece is unique, and each one makes me happy.  My colorful layered papers seem to make others happy, too. 

I use my papers to decorate calendars, file folders, weekly planners, composition books, sketch books, note pads, and journals.  This year, for our show I will have both lined and unlined journals.  I will also have some more of my colorful wool felt balls for sale; they look so warm and cozy in a clear glass container!

The other thing I have been doing lately is doodling . . . more fun!  I hope to incorporate some of my doodles into items for the show, perhaps some cards or bookmarks. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October Giveaway from Tory Brokenshire

Each month a Portland Art Collective member gives away a piece of their art, so this month I would like to give away one of my chandelier glass journals. The glass journals are made to stand on a desk or table, they are filled with 80lb water color paper just perfect for a small sketch and a bit of paint. These little gems measure 8"x 2" and sparkle in almost any light.
Please leave a comment to enter your name in the giveaway. A member of our PAC group will post the winner the 1st of Nov. We will also need to identify you so please leave a name, when you win you will see your name and then you can email me with you mailing information. Good Luck!!!

P.S. if you do not know how to leave a comment there are instructions on the right side bar.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Art & Soul 2010 by Lenall Siebenaler

Jesse Reno Class

Jesse Reno Class

Jesse Reno Class

Stephanie Lee Class

I took 4 classes this year.  Here are some of the things I did.  For more check out my blog at
I really enjoyed my classes from Jesse Reno and Stephanie Lee.  Both were acrylic classes but very different in their approach.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Monthly Question--What could you live without?

Our question this month is--"What art supply or tool seemed like a good idea but rarely if ever gets used?"


A painting teacher of mine used a projector for easily getting her sketches or photos drawn onto canvas. I couldn't resist picking one up with my 40% off Michaels coupon, but several years later, it's still in the box. It always seems easier to do the sketch myself than to figure out how to use the projector.


It seemed like a good idea at the time: carving tools to use in carving my own stamps... do I even use stamps??? Yikes.


The one thing I could live without is a harder question than I thought. Probably because it's buried now by the things I do use and I've forgotten I have it. One item I can think of are the small packages of origami paper. I love them with all the pretty colors and patterns. Pretty papers always call to me and they are hard to resist. I always think I'll use them in some project but it hasn't happened. Perhaps it's a good time to challenge myself and incorporate them into a new book project?


My Cuttlebug device. Haven't even opened it yet. I have a new paper cutter and a little sewing machine I haven't opened yet either. And don't even ask me about small kitchen appliances. I'd think I'm a hoarder, but I can get around my house unimpeded, and I actually have three unused shelves still. (small)


I don't seem to use my big canvas's.


I had to look around and think hard for this one I’m not a person that as I call it “accessorizes” with tools and gadgets.

The one thing that was a waste of money to me ….pre-mixed spritz bottles of some kind of glittery paint sold in scrap book stores. They cost more than $4 or $5 each, and I could have mixed my own in a 59 cent bottle. Yes what was I thinking?


Scrap book paper. I feel like a magpie collecting pretty things but never using them. I’d rather make my own decorative papers . . . so why do I always do a drive by at the paper isle?


I'm one of those people that can see the opportunity in most things. In the past, I have bought projects on impulse and have never done anything with them. One that comes to mind is lightweight metal sheets and a "how to" book to do repousee work with. I saw it at a stamp convention and just thought it was the coolest thing. I also have a framing gun for wood frames and a air compresser for air painting that I am sure I will not ever do. Anyone interested in any of these things?

There are a lot of things I'd like to try, but I have come to a place where I have decided that I can't keep adding on. I want to work more in the mediums I have honed.


I purchased a felting machine in the height of the wool felting frenzy. It sits under the table, gathering dust. Maybe I can gather up the dust and felt it into something, a dust bunny perhaps!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

12 New Bird & Nest Collage Pieces by Lenall Siebenaler

I finished 12 new small canvases this weekend.  What do you think?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Assemblage by Jennifer

I've named this assemblage "Cabinet #4". What with all of the preparation for Art and Soul this week, who knew I would find the time to create too! Note the little skull in the piece...difficult to decide to part with it, but it just fit in perfectly. I created this assemblage in a very vintage cigar box - it measures 9" high.

Friday, October 1, 2010

September's Lucky Giveaway Winner!

This month's lucky winner will receive the beautiful turquoise nuggets necklace made by Z'anne Bakke. Drum roll please...congratulations, Talie! Your comment did not have a link to contact you so please send Z'anne an email ( so she can send your necklace to you!

To see more of Z'anne's creations please visit her blog:

Stay tuned for the announcement for October's giveaway! It will be announced mid-October and the winner will be chosen from all those who post a comment on the announcement post.

Happy autumn!

Featured Artist--Stephanie Brockway

Our featured artist this month is Stephanie Brockway. Stephanie has explored a number of mediums and always brings a fresh voice to whatever she does. Recently she has been thrilling us with her unusual carved wood, urban folk art.

1. What are the main mediums you use? What do you find satisfying about them?

I consider myself both a painter and wood carver. I dabble and experiment, but these are my main vices, painting is my first love, and wood carving and sculpture is a challenge I never tire of.

2. If someone were going to get started in those mediums, what suggestions would you give?

Classes are a must with wood carving, knowing how to hold the knives and use the knives is essential, you'll find they're sharp! I started buying knives before I really understood what they did, someone with knowledge can help you pick the basic knives and kind of woods. I go to wood working stores and shows. I just pick pamphlets that appeal to me. I dont follow patterns. I'm more free form. Woodcrafters is a great resourse for knives, demos & wood. And the local community college has beginner's classes.

3. A perfect art day would look like__

Having the whole day free, no commitments or interuptions. A clean studio, hot coffee & maybe a pastry....

4. Do you have dedicated studio space? Give a brief description of where you work.

I usually work in my studio, which is a converted bedroom. I have a corner with a easel and wood bench with built in vise and bulletin boards covered with inspirational bits, colors, objects that speak to me. I go to the garage when I power carve or sand, it gets messy.

5. Favorite place you've visited or lived?

I grew up in Hawaii, lived there for 20 years, and carry a love of plants and nature. I tend to like wherever I am, anyplace with past lives and history. Europe always captures my imagination.

6. What inspires you (or are there recurring themes in your work)?

I'd have to say Folk art, either Early American or Latino. I love crude naive pieces, substituting traditional mediums for whatever's on hand. Pieces that really show the artist fingerprints, never looking mass produced. And old circus images.

7. I still struggle with________

Time, working and life often get in the way of creating. Also having the space to paint large pieces and make a mess.

8. I'd be lost without_________

my garmin? lol. My sense of humor, and the use of my hands!

9. Favorite dessert?

Usually involves layers of good quality creamy chocolate and a vanilla layer. I love a pastry to be both beautiful and decadent.

10. What's on the horizon?

I have 3 deadlines and love a challenge. I have a dream of completing a whole puppet stage, everything from carving the puppet/dolls, building the stage, painting the backdrops, sewing the costumes, to writing a story for my characters....

Visit Stephanie's blog to see more of her work. You can also find it at Guardino Gallery. At the end of October she curates a great Day of the Dead show at Guardino Gallery--check the top of our blog or the gallery for more details.