Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whimsical Cat Paintings by Lenall Siebenaler

I have to admit it out loud... I'm a Cat Lady! What can I say? I know I am biased or black and white about only two things. CATS and the color RED. Gotta have 'em. I haven't met a cat or a red that I wasn't attracted to. (I'm surprised I only have 3 cats!)
I have literally loved cats all my life. There were only two time frames in my life when I didn't have at least one cat. The first was when I was in College and the 2nd was when I lived in Hawaii. Other than that I have always had one. It was after I got married that one cat became two or more cats. That being said, cats have always found a way into my art. (ALSO the color RED.)

I have been thinking about doing a line of cards using whimsical cute kitties for a long time. This past Memorial Day weekend, my friend, Susan, visited for the weekend from Seattle. We spent three full days mostly doing art in my backyard. Susan showed me how to use a batik process using watercolor and I added pen and ink and colored pencils to finish. I ended up with 9 new pieces and maybe 5 cards! The images are crops from the originals which I intend to sell, also.

I know there are alot of other closet Cat Ladies out there! These are for you!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

cabinet of curiosities

This is a piece that I did for Nature Gathered blog a couple of months ago. It is a cabinet of curiosities from the Far East.

A personal challenge-

Last week when I was working in the studio trying to develop an assemblage piece of jewelry I accidentally made an item to hang your readers from. This intrigued me and spawned the idea for the seven day challenge. My initial intention was just to make seven of these items but what came of it was a pleasant surprise. Each day I wanted to make it a bit different so I pulled out a variety of materials including things I haven’t used and did not realize I had missed. Over the seven days I used metal, glass, plastic, resin, a chop saw, drill press, anvil and hammers. I riveted, used the torch, and soldered, I got ideas for future projects and to say the least had a very good time. Each day I photographed and posted my project making me realize how much work it is for those who post everyday or almost every day, I take my hat off to you. I do know this about myself, working for a week on one thing is long enough so I’m off to something new.

Just as soon as I clean up the mess.
I used Photo Shop to make a card to mount them to and put it all in a clear sleeve. Now to get them to the Artfire shop...... in a few days.
I hope you can find time to make some art or pull out an old toy and have fun.

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Mixed Media Madness" By Lenall

It's amazing how a 3 hour class can actually change your future creative direction and your style. Looking back, I can identify the day my style changed. It happened at a night class I took at my first Art and Soul (2004) and it was called "Mixed Media Madness," taught by Marilee Fosbre. The class was organized using a Round Robin approach (which I had done and liked very much once before in a mixed media class I had taken in Hawaii.) What I learned that night was basically the art of layering, using anything and everything as your media and working on a motherboard. Once the motherboard is through it can be used in multiple ways.

Right after the class, I started regularly playing with the process and I decided to call it "Messy Art." One day, I was invited to show my work to a gallery owner. I decided to show her what I had been doing along with some of my more traditional watercolors. Funny thinking back, I don't think she was very impressed with the "Messy Art" concept! Oh, well...
I have found that I have taken what I learned that night and applied it in lots of different ways. It is a perfect style for me as I work very fast and messy. I more often than not use the technique as a starting process. Next I generally crop the motherboard into smaller "canvasses" and then look at the each cropped piece and go from there without a plan. I never know where it is going to take me. I thought that I would add some photos from that time till now to show you how it has evolved. The most recent ones are listed first and they go back through time. The class cost 65.00 and I must say it was well worth it!

More Collaged Cards by Lenall

Last week, I spent an evening creating cards using Papyrus cards and my handmade papers as my collage ephemera.
Recently, I have been doing a lot of this and I kind of have been looking at this process as an example of "Avoidance Syndrome." I am avoiding starting a new project. So when I sit down to do art I go back to something mindless. Why? I don't know. I have several ideas for new projects but have not got beyond writing a goal, "Do prototypes for...." So what's up with that? I am sure many of you can relate.
I am not a procrastinator. And once I start it's hard for me to stop. I consistently make to much of any one thing. I have a lot of good ideas for the show and the next 3 weekends I intend to flesh them out!
You can be my witness! Hold me to it! Please....

Make a Wish

This is one of many drawings I have done this month of children dressed as fairies from a Fairy Fest that was put on by Cynthia from our group. For many more fairies visit my blog.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seven Day Challenge

I was working on some jewelry today making a pin or maybe a necklace, most of the time I just start without a plan. I start at the top or with the face. In this case it is an old picture of a long gone aunt. I got the face in the rim, copper top pieces and the wings on before I thought what the heck is this? I put the chain on because I just bought it and wanted to use it. At this point I heard the art muse humming and saw that this was the item you hang your readers on. OK cool, I want to make more so I’m going to challenge myself to make one every day for seven days.
This is the piece from day 2, I will post all seven next week. If you would like to few them each day please visit my blog at coppercrowstudio.blogspot.com
It's ok and fun to create art without a plan or a purpose, go for it!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Celebrating Nine Months of Drawing

I have been drawing every day since last August. Every month I do an inchie over view of the previous month. This is my April recap. For more check out my blog.