Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A personal challenge-

Last week when I was working in the studio trying to develop an assemblage piece of jewelry I accidentally made an item to hang your readers from. This intrigued me and spawned the idea for the seven day challenge. My initial intention was just to make seven of these items but what came of it was a pleasant surprise. Each day I wanted to make it a bit different so I pulled out a variety of materials including things I haven’t used and did not realize I had missed. Over the seven days I used metal, glass, plastic, resin, a chop saw, drill press, anvil and hammers. I riveted, used the torch, and soldered, I got ideas for future projects and to say the least had a very good time. Each day I photographed and posted my project making me realize how much work it is for those who post everyday or almost every day, I take my hat off to you. I do know this about myself, working for a week on one thing is long enough so I’m off to something new.

Just as soon as I clean up the mess.
I used Photo Shop to make a card to mount them to and put it all in a clear sleeve. Now to get them to the Artfire shop...... in a few days.
I hope you can find time to make some art or pull out an old toy and have fun.


purple bird art said...

these are very cool, Tory - and I love the photo of your work surface - makes me want to get right up and go to work - it is full of inspiration.

Leigh said...

these are so great. I love the packaging. Very cool and clever