Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seven Day Challenge

I was working on some jewelry today making a pin or maybe a necklace, most of the time I just start without a plan. I start at the top or with the face. In this case it is an old picture of a long gone aunt. I got the face in the rim, copper top pieces and the wings on before I thought what the heck is this? I put the chain on because I just bought it and wanted to use it. At this point I heard the art muse humming and saw that this was the item you hang your readers on. OK cool, I want to make more so I’m going to challenge myself to make one every day for seven days.
This is the piece from day 2, I will post all seven next week. If you would like to few them each day please visit my blog at
It's ok and fun to create art without a plan or a purpose, go for it!

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Anonymous said...

These are a lot of fun, Tory. You always seem to tweek something to the point that it becomes your own! I can see your style in everything you do! Lenall