Monday, December 2, 2013

ARTFUL GIFT SALE - December 7th - by Left Coast Artists Collective

ARTFUL GIFT SALE!  Shop local artists in festive Multnomah Village on Saturday, December 7th from 10am - 5pm!  We are at O'Connor's in the center of the village at 7850 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland.  One day only!!! See you there!
Jennifer Campbell

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day of the Dead 2013/ Art & Friends

The Opening was a success,  Last Thursday was on Halloween this year, so many people came in costumes See more  HERE on PAC member Dayna Collins' Blog. (Artist Amy Stoner did this piece "Milagros") encaustic , metal on wood

Can you spot some PAC members here?

L-R Tory Brokenshire , Dayna Collins, Stephanie Brockway , Amy Collins and Dan
This is just one of the stunning pieces of art to see, b!y the 34 artists


 Artist Becky Busi response to DOTD  was "Techno Morphs" Part animal part technology and environmental statement.

PAC member, Darlene Veltman's husband Steve did a diorama " "Recuerdos De Pedro"for a deceased  Mexican race car driver, it needs to be seen in person!

Eli Mazet from Eugene did a Skull with a Vortex, he teaches glass blowing

 Alison O'Donoghue's   is really 5 paintings in one the details are amazing

Carolyn Garcia's Diorama combines wood, pen and ink, paint, tin. Such amazing detail!

 Portland Artist Janet Julian did many whimsical pieces, a painted Poppy anyone, there are several in the window to choose from

The back has the box that contained "mothers hair"
PAC member Dayna Collins did 5 stunning pieces This  piece Mother has a secret

Hurry in, the art has so much heart and soul

One of Jason Berlin's  pieces "Chums", Oil on Panel

The center piece is PAC artist Stephanie Brockway's piece "Dead Bee Girl" solid wood 17" high

                                  Artist and Musician Rachael Rice , Dusky Darka, opening night festivities

Hurry In the last full day to see it is Nov. 23!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Siren Nation Art and Craft Sale

SIREN NATION ART AND CRAFT SALE this Sunday, November 10th!!!
I'll have many new pieces of my "Jewelry with a tale to tell" in my booth.
See you there!
Jennifer Campbell

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Spooky Halloween













Tory, Dayna, Melissa

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Barkley, the Fisherman's Dog

Tomorrow is a friend of mine's 60th birthday.  Recently he got a new little dog that has become quite a pal.  I think he will like this.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Dorothy Caldwell Workshop

I was lucky this year to get into the workshop of my dreams--the Dorothy Caldwell Mark Making workshop at Nancy Crow's art barn in Ohio.

It was worth the price of admission just to worship at the shrine of Dorothy's work.  I spent lots of time returning to this gorgeous wall, trying to absorb it all.

Along with her own work, Dorothy set up displays of world textiles and mark making.  She shares a wealth of information about the processes and stories behind these pieces.

 This beautiful red and black piece was a gift from Dorothy's Australian students.
Besides just gazing in awe, we did work, and lots of it.  We stitched, drew, pierced, painted, waxed, discharged, burnt and in general made marks in every way we could.  This is a collection of the class's randomly stitched pieces.

 We went from working minutely to working outside on large scale paintings.   Mine is on the left.

I really want to show all the beautiful work that was produced in class.  It was amazing how much variety came out even when all we did was make a single mark on the page.  We did, however, agree not to post each other's finished work.  Here is a glimpse of some of the gorgeous piles of materials around the room.

My table as I start to assemble my main book.

Our main project was putting together a book of samples of all the techniques we covered in the week.  The assembly of the book was especially challenging as we tried to get the pages to flow from one to the other and read cohesively.  Here are some of my pages.

I loved that I was working without a plan, but after working on about 4 pages, I found that there was a theme of flight and eggs developing.  My mind has been on empty nest syndrome a lot lately as my boys get closer to leaving home.  It's funny what shows up even when we're not conscious of it.  I went with it and made my cover with that in mind.

Working with Dorothy was a fabulous experience.  She has a beautiful, quiet way about her and an almost childlike wonder about every mark she sees.   I have always found her work deeply soulful, and after hearing about her process and her connection to the land, I understand where that comes from.  A generous and amazingly talented woman who will inspire me for years!