Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vintage Wooden Thread Spool Danglies by Lenall Siebenaler

I bought an old box full of vintage wooden thread spools at an estate sale over a year ago. At the time, I didn't have a plan for them, but I felt a need to possess them and percolate on how to use them in the future.
"Percolate" has become my operative word for brainstorming in the mind creatively. Percolating always takes place before sitting down to create. It is done in my travels, in the car, in bed, in my leisure time. I just think and usually I don't even realize I am doing it and an idea pops into my head.
I love to brainstorm--heck, I even do it for my friends--much to my often embarassment!! The ideas just blurt out without a thought. But that is what brainstorming is all about, isn't it? Thanks to all of you (and you know who you are) who have accepted me and my thoughts for you and taken my blurts and either made them your own or diplomatically said "no thanks you didn't want to do that..." That's what brainstorming is about too!!
The percolating phase of this project took longer than I hoped, but it finially came to fruition two weeks ago. We all know that all it takes is actually sitting down and just playing. I played for several hours and here are 4 of my new danglies. I hope you like them. They are rather quirky and eccentric. They are made using painted paper, recycled fabrics, beads, recycled jewelry pieces, wire, paint and glue.
Thanks for looking,


Robin Olsen said...

I like the way you play Lenall! These really attract me because they are such a familiar object, yet utterly transformed. Very nice.

Leigh said...

These are fabulous. I particularly love the bottom one. I'll look forward to seeing more of these. Very fun.

Suzie Wolfer LCSW said...

These are adorable Lenall! Sparkle, whimsy, color. THey look like little blooms hanging in the trees like that.

steph b said...

Very clever, I like old spools too.