Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Telemadera Fusion" Alma De La Melena Cox by Lenall Siebenaler

Today was the first day of Art & Soul 2009. One down two to go! I must say that LIFE IS GOOD!

I had the best time in this class today! The teacher, Alma was lovely and a very good teacher. She paid attention to her students the entire time. She was helpful, respectful, generous and very patient. I did 2 pieces. The Sun piece is not quite done. To finish I will have to put 7 coats of varnish on them and they will come to look very like tiles.

I was first exposed to her art earlier this year when I had seen a segment on her on Oregon Art Beat. It totally captivated me and made me want to meet her and take a class with her. Was I excited when I saw that Glenny had her coming to Art & Soul. It has been well worth the wait. I've learned the basic process and now it's time to make it my own. I have some ideas so stay tuned! BTW, ALma has a new book coming out in November on Telemadera. Worth a look!


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