Sunday, May 30, 2010

Menucha Productivity: Art, Friends and Eating.

The Menucha weekend looked to be very productive for everyone. It is always interesting to walk around the room and watch the creativity unfold. Some come with a plethora of projects to work on, some come with a few goals to accomplish and others might work on one project with multiple items all weekend. Whatever the case, it is all very interesting as they are being created. Attached are 4 items I finished this weekend from Menucha starts. I have more to come and if you'd like to see more check out Here

The fun comes in both the art and the friends. There is a lot of fun talk and laughter going on around the room. Some of our friends come more for the social nature of the weekend. Many like to spend their time talking to the group in a more comprehensive way. While others listen to conversations from a far and socialize at meals.

Oh, did I mention meals? The meals come at regular intervals-breakfast, lunch and dinner and we get two of each on our weekend. It seems to me that we've only just eaten when the next meal bell rings.

It is a weekend filled with friends, art and togetherness.

I can't decide which to choose, which one do you think best applies to the group?

Create, Eat, Create, Eat, Create, Eat, Create, Sleep, Repeat.
Create, Talk, Laugh, Create, Eat, Create, Talk, Laugh, Eat, Create, Laugh, Laugh, Sleep, Repeat.

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