Friday, September 17, 2010

Sept. Question of the Month

This month we asked: What art supply do you hoard? You'll probably notice several themes developing here.


YIKES! I don't know if I like that word. I suppose those who are not artists might think that I am a hoarder, but not me. I think I am a collector. A collector of beautiful and future useful things. I buy things I don't need but think that I might use all the time. That's why my garage studio is very full. The weird thing is that I do end up using things sooner or later. I "hoard" everything: paint, paint brushes, fingernail polish, beads, wire, crayons, stamps, paper, other people's art, marking pens, colored pencils, pens, ink, erasers, odd trinkets, stamp pads, glitter, embossing powder, frames, matt board, small pieces of handmade paper, fabric, thread and bins to store them. I have enough art supplies to keep me and several others busy for the rest of my life. WHAT DON'T I HOARD? Oops, I mean collect.


What do I hoard? Hummmmmm - Not cats or dogs. Not the year's newspapers. Not money, marshmallows or men. Gosh, I'll have to go up in my studio and think about it. Wait, I can't get into my studio as it is packed wall to wall with all forms, styles, weaves, colors, contents, natural and man made, textures and styles of FABRICS!!!!

What I hoard....buttons, watch parts, beads.

I hoard large sheets of beautiful paper which I store under the guest bed. When I need some paper, I slide the pile out and revisit all the sheets of paper, telling myself that they are too precious to use. Yup, and then I resort and restack the sheets, slide them back under the bed and walk away, feeling safe and sound. Pitiful, no?


I hoard all kinds of paper, rubber stamps, Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines.


It’s dangerous to let me lose at Columbia art with a credit card: decorative papers. Oh and a girl can never have enough Arches text wove paper.
In a word, I guess you could say I hoard glass. No matter how much I have, it never seems like enough.


I hoard paper products. I still have greeting cards from the 60's that I can't give up. If you add those to all the decorative papers that are too special to use, you can imagine the amount of stuff I have!

Books, travel ephemera and magazines take up a lot of shelf space in my studio. I'm an information junkie-- always want to use new techniques or be inspired by other artists' work. One can find little piles of art books and magazines around my house.

Little bits of fabric. But fortunately for my budget, I have little interest in shopping in fabric stores. I love finding the odd remnant, designer sample pieces, or old, discarded clothing that has an intriguing pattern or texture. Since I often combine bits of fabric to make larger pieces, I'm happy with things others would throw away.
Paper. I love all kinds of paper. I have so much paper, it's almost embarrassing, but not just yet. Another few sheets and maybe it will be.


…. Paper! of course! My flat files are loaded with handmade, paste, and marbled papers.

This is an easy question to answer for anyone who knows me....let's say it all together....
BEADS! Beads, beads and more beads. I have beads from the time I started this crazy
addiction in 1993. I possess beads that I have no idea why, but they say to me, "Don't give
me away, I'm waiting for something else to become a something." Yeah, they talk to me.
At least the beads are small and don't require maintenance for upkeep. Although they are
just as addicting and just as expensive as drugs! The picture shows my bead desk in the
living room. You don't see the other stash in my studio, it takes up about a third of the room.
Gotta love those beads!
I have a collection of many things but would have to say fabric in general, and vintage fabric, in particular. Also, have been hanging on to some old ledger papers.

I hoard Mitsubishi white gel pens from Uwajimaya. They are my absolute favorites, as they write over my dark, acrylic journal pages. Actually, it's easy for me to 'stock up' on whatever writing tool I love. I go through many of these pens and feel a little guilty about the landfill. And, I stocked up on Braille Bibles, as they are not always available.

Old wood pieces from ancient trees, well worn, with layers of peeling old paint, vintage wood boxes, better yet with old printed writing, and handmade for that unique one of a kind look. Unusual, all-wood tools especially worn from lots of use, then it just sings, anything hand carved and primitive then it's coming home to join the hoard.
I'd have to say for me it would be beads (big surprise right?) Unlike some art supplies, you never know when or if you might see those same beads again - so if you like them you better 'buy now'. It's worse if they say 'these are the last ones'. Then once you have them in your possession, it's kind of tough to use them particularly if you sell your work or give it away. hmmm, does that make me a 'collector' or 'hoarder' ?


That's easy! Beautiful papers are my weakness, and have been for years. I even buy them when I am traveling, in spite of the fact that paper is not easy to bring home in good shape. I even went to a paper factory in India, with the express idea that I would bring home some papers for bookmaking. That is my excuse, but I just love the colors and textures of paper. Gotta get a grip.
I have found a good way to display them, finally, and that is on a futon frame with wooden slats, standing upright. I could probably open a paper store soon!

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