Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Hearts

One of my favorite things to make every year is the small danglies (or ornaments) that we put in our holiday show. The centerpiece of our show is a bare tree branch, and each artist hangs some of her own danglies on it. I also display some at my own booth.

In the past I've made owls, birds, wooden and fabric houses (which I can't find a picture of), and hearts. I wanted a simple pattern this year, so I returned to hearts again, using a new design.

They will come in 3 flavors. Cool:

And earthy:
The design was inspired by this wonderful bag of strips and selvedges that my friend Cindy sent me:
I have bags of strips that I've kept from other projects that I pulled out too. I like the challenge of building something out of such small pieces that might otherwise be headed for the trash.


Createology said...

I adore your hearts and how you have used strips and selvages and bits and pieces. Happy selling. We can't begin too soon preparing for the busy season. Stitching hearts...

Chelsea Art Designs said...

Lovely, cute and inspiring. keep up the good work and sharing with us.