Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Virtual Studio Tour - Sandy Keating

This is where it all happens.
My studio space is a spare bedroom on the main floor of our home.
My sewing machine and fabric have always been the center of my studio,
but lately I've been spending more time painting.
I'm currently studying abstract landscape painting with Cynthia Herron in Salem.
These are few pieces I've been working on.

It’s wonderful to have my studio close to my living space since I have MS and can only spend short periods of time working. Having it right across the hall means I can be there without wasting precious energy.
Up until 6 years ago I used the entire upstairs for my studio.  With north facing skylights and lots of storage and large work tables, I could spread out and work all day, and never have to clean up.
 Now my workspace needs to be very compact, efficient, and accessible.
Behind this vintage tablecloth I store my well-labeled containers of supplies.

 For the stuff I want to keep close to me, I've found that arranging work zones is the best way to stay organized.
Fabrics are folded on shelves close by my thread and notions.

Paper and ephemera are kept in folders by category.
Of course I'd love to have a bigger studio, but I love the coziness of my little nest.
And if I could have one wish, I'd wish for a studio fairy to fetch and clean for me. 
Next month you can tour Tammy's studio virtually.

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