Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Open Doors" Show Announcement

We want to thank everyone who helped make our "Open Doors" show so successful for five years.  We truly enjoyed every moment at the show and made many new friends along the way.  Unfortunately, producing the show took a huge amount of time and energy, and many of us started questioning if that is where we want to put our focus.  After long discussions, and a few tears, we decided not to continue with the show this year.

You will still see some of our members in other shows and galleries around town.  Some will be in shows the first and second weekends of Dec. at Multnomah Arts Center.  We will post information as it becomes available.  Other members are eager to return to personal artwork and will continue sharing their work here.

We are very grateful for all that the "Open Doors" show added to our lives and decided that rather than approach the show with dwindling spirits, it was best to end on a high note.

Thank you for your generous support for the last five years!  We look forward to sharing many new creative adventures on our blog.

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Unknown said...

Yours was one of my favorite shows. I was saddened when this is where my search ended. I LOVED seeing your journals - you're such a talented group. Good Luck with your future endeavors.