Friday, March 22, 2013

Playing with Gelatin Monoprinting

I was inspired to try gelatin monoprinting while at the March PAC meeting.  Diiane shared many pieces she had recently done.  I googled and read up on it and thought it would fit in nicely with my art style. My next 2 days off were spent playing with it. I have a frozen one in the freezer to try on Sunday! I am amazed that the gelatin is lasting so long just sitting on my garage studio table.

What to do with these backgrounds? Well of course make original cards! I tried using embossing with them and it works nicely. More ideas are percolating.

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Anonymous said...


My Mom is a lifelong artist and needs to find a good home for some very high quality frames and good printmaking supplies. I will be up in the Portland area giving her a hand this weekend (25-27 Jul 2013). Please give me a call on my cell at 541.221.5884 if you would like to have these supplies. I have to make some runs around town for some other errands, so I can drop them off if you are either close-in on the West Side or anywhere on the East Side, as I'll be coming from the East County area.

Tom Huntford