Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Photo Tour 2008 "Open Doors" Art Show & Sale

Suzanne Reynolds' painted ladies and jewelry.
Suzie Wolfer's pop-up neighborhood.
Maggie Kolkena's jewelry fantasy world.
Judy Stack's art with humor.
Tammy's fun recylced art.

Tory Brokenshire's amazing 3-D art.
Jennifer Campbell's assemblage pieces and shrine kits.
Lenall Siebenaler's felted wall hangings.
Cynthia Mooney's jewelry and dream boxes.
Robin Olson's fabric birds and collages.
Jan Harris' popular snowmen.
Fran Boston's photo cards of her trip to England.
Debi Koenig's little treasures and decorated journals.
Paula McNamee's felted flowers and mandala painting.
Lorraine Jones' watercolors.
Carrie Sakai's jewelry.
Z'anne Bakke's beaded and felted jewelry.


Wingnut said...

Hi, Years and years ago Marilyn Hayes got me involved with this group and I had to let it go due to lack of time with my new baby, I would love to find out if you are taking new members these days, as I am back into the art scene again and have lost contact with many. Please email me, sorry to post on the blog, I couldn't find a "contact" anywhere. Or look up Cyndie Planck Photography

Robin Olsen said...

Hi Cyndie,
I'm going to answer here because we get asked about membership a lot. We are full right now and our membership has stayed steady for some time. We do keep a waiting list that we will look at if we ever are able to add new members. You can email me at rolsen222@yahoo.com to be put on the waiting list. Thanks.

Mary lin Huskamp said...

LOVE all the works!!! I SO WISH I lived closer so I could see all in real life! Best Wishes for 2009!