Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fiber Experiments

We've all been pretty quiet around here after the show and the holidays, but now the energy is starting to build again.  What has everyone been working on?

I've been enjoying time to just experiment without thinking much about final products.  I've been playing with more small pieces to try a variety of techniques.  This is part of my "What If" crazy quilt series.  I start with the basic structure of a crazy quilt and then see which direction I can take it.  This time I asked, "what if I start with a neutral "crazy graffiti" background and do all my embellishments in neutral stitching and fibers?"  I added the stuffed faces to perk it up a bit: 

You can read more about my "What If" explorations on my blog if interested.  

I've also wanted to play with velvet (my next series of "what if's) and started by stuffing and machine embroidering the burgundy velvet background for this small sign.  This piece also allowed me to try some free form applique lettering and to try using small puff balls as a frame:

I have a notebook full of experiments to try, and the list grows a lot faster than I can stitch them.

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