Friday, March 27, 2009

Visual Journaling

I've been doing a version of Visual Journaling for a few years now.

I use my SoulCollage cards as inspiration for painting a background, and then write the words as the main image in the SoulCollage card might speak

Here's an example of the SoulCollage of my Mother at Age 86 from the Community Suit card and the Visual Journal page it inspired.

Method: I was drawn to the peachy earthy tones in the background and used that to inspire the textured gloss gel medium and acrylic paint. To texture I used a broken comb, some rubber stamps, paint splatters and alcohol to partially dissolve the acrylic. I painted a lot of layers using thin layers of paint and when it was dry I glued a miniature version of the 5 x 8 card, and then I invited my Mom to speak.

I love writing with the Pilot Hi Tech fine point pens. They're very durable and write over almost anything.

Here's what she had to say, "I am the One who smiles at the world. I rely on my faith to support me through life's ups and downs. Even beyond the grave, my love shines on you always."

Suzie Wolfer LCSW
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