Friday, June 26, 2009

Petroglyph at Altavista Mexico

Petroglyphs. We walked through mango and guanabana groves to what feels like a very sacred spot in the jungle. Walking along the creek that looked untouched by modern civilization, petroglyphs peaked out behind moss, palms, with birds calling in the tree tops. This site dates back to the time of Christ and the legends say that Jesus' apostle Matthew (Mateo) came as far as Mexico spreading the word.

This painting started out as water color and it was clear my skills weren't equal to the task. So I pulled out the acrylics, which are much easier to work with. I used molding paste to get the texture of the sandstone and lichen. A light wash of green, red and ocher gave it the purpulish color. Then I splattered on some diluted greens to get the lichens. . . . Most paintings look better in person, this one looks better on the internet!

I loved this petroglyph because the rock was cleaved in two, just right of the concentric rings. . . nice contrast.

Suzie Wolfer
Sayulita Mexico

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