Monday, November 16, 2009

Bookmarks by Lenall Siebenaler

How many years have I said I was going to make bookmarks? Too many!

Can you keep a secret? I've been all about recycling what I have this year and not buying anything more to create for the show. It's been an interesting experience and I have been sucessful except for purchasing some items for Art and Soul. This weekend, I was gathering all the things that I have been making and I came across the 2009 calendars I made last year. Without thinking I threw them away and then picked them right out of the garbage and asked myself, "What can I do with these?" The idea came quickly. I ended up cutting them to size and 1/2 of the book marks are made with these recycled painted covers... The other ones are made with my Mixed Media Madness mother board paper. They are enclosed in a plastic sleeve made for bookmarks and the backs have a vintage playing card back and a typed quotation about either reading or friends glued on to it...

Doesn't everyone read? I think so. Bookmarks are like jewelry or flowers. You can never have too many!


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