Saturday, February 20, 2010

Favorites Now and Then

Alone Inside This was the first Textured Lady that I ever did. The concept evolved through time. The inspiration originated from a Calvin Klein Eternity ad.
Shell Vase I don't know why I like this so much. I think it's because I lose myself in it and never get tired of it. This image has been desktop image since I created it.

Rocks in my Head I'm a rock collector and have been since I was in second grade. Those of you who have been to my house have seen them inside and out. LOTS of them. This reminded me of the day I visited a old rockhound in Central Oregon who took us to his strip mine. You could see the veins of rock between layers of ryolite.

A Safer Place This is a fantasy place that just emerged from a pour using lace. It just worked. It has a lot of depth to it and I love the color and texture.

I have always marvelled at which pieces become my favorites and stay with me. I produce a lot of art and there is no way I can show it all in my home. I do like to live with my art but I also like to collect my friend's art too. It seems that no matter how old they get or even how many flaws I have found in them, my favorites seem to stay with me. When we are talking about our own art there can be many different reasons for this. Sometimes it may be how we felt that day, who was with us and what happened on that adventure. It could be the colors or the textures that speak to us.. It could be an object that was dear. It could be what someone said about it. It could be that it got into a juried art show. There are many reasons for why pieces become our favorites. For me it is never because it matches my sofa! LOL
Do you have favorites? Have you have wondered what it was about them that spoke to you?
Above are a few photos of earlier and later work that live in symbiotic harmony with me.
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Dayna Collins said...

Thanks, Lenall, for sharing some of your art. Your pieces are so colorful and vibrant and it was fun reading about your influences.

Z'anne said...

I can understand why you like the Shell Vase, Lenall. It is so colorful and has so much movement in it. I almost got lost in the painting myself. I have enjoyed all your pieces that you've shared with us.