Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ten Top Reasons to Sketch or Draw

1. to slow down and really see the nature of an object, person or landscape

2. to create a habit

3. to practice & improve skills

4. to relax and enjoy a form of meditation

5. to explore different styles

6. to experiment with media

7. to collect ideas for future projects

8. to play with line and color

9. to document travel experiences

10. to capture a moment in time

What makes you want to sketch or draw?


Tory Brokenshire said...

My mother on most of her trips has made a little sketch or water color from and including her window view. A tent flap in Turkey, stone window in Scotland, a port hole from a sail boat, wonderful little life story’s. I would love to inherit them and also make some of my own for my children.

Lenall Siebenaler said...

Great post, Paula!

Helen K. Beacham, Fine Art said...

If I don't have time to get into my studio and do a full-blown painting, I'll sit and sketch just to release whatever creativity has been building up. I also love to sketch when I'm around breaks down all sorts of barriers.

Dayna Collins said...

Thanks for the reminder about why it is important to sketch and draw. I don't feel very confident in this area, but I sure don't have to show anyone what I draw, do I??

Paula McNamee said...

No, you don't have to show anyone your drawings, Dayna. I like Helen's idea of drawing with children. What a fun activity to do with the grand kids. Who knows, they may want to hang up your drawings in their room.