Friday, March 19, 2010

Essential Art Supplies

Our question for the month is:
Given scissors and glue, what 3 other supplies couldn't you live without?

Interestingly enough, I would not have chosen scissors and glue as my first 2 supplies. But if I could only have 3 other art supplies I would choose:
  1. A paper that could handle getting wet like that used in watercolor, 100% cotton 140 lb. Arches Cold Press or a variety of papers.
  2. Stabilo Woody Watersoluable crayons because they are my favorite art supply of all. You can use them to draw and wet them and they will look like watercolor.
  3. A variety of sizes and types of paint brushes.
  1. Gloss gel medium light and heavy body--great for stencils, texture, glue and just integrating lots of stuff.
  2. Brilliance gold stamp ink--for direct to paper, stamping subtle texture, outlining and blending imagery
  3. Gold leaf and gold leaf adhesive.

Double sided sticky tape, ribbons/braids and buttons, beautiful papers

  1. A big bag of fabric scraps, preferably lots of funky prints from old thrift store clothing, some delicious silks and velvets, and some of my hand-dyed bits.
  2. A sharp needle.
  3. A big cone of black buttonhole thread. (And glasses so I could thread the needle!)
OK I really want paints and brushes too, but I could probably make those out of mud and sticks if I had to.

  1. Acrylic paints
  2. A pile of rusty bits
  3. Stabilo "All" pencil--it marks on everything--paint, acrylic, paper, etc. You set it with gel medium, but it writes over everything and you can smudge it so it is a lot of fun to work with. It is especially good to use for outlining things to add interest and make things seem a little more mysterious.

Oh that one is easy! Beads, needles and beading thread. Does chocolate count as an art supply?

  1. paint--is that more than one?
  2. tools, again I think I'm cheating--OK a carving knife
  3. wood

My color copier, my Xyron, and M Graham watercolors--oh, oh, can I add a waterbrush too?

  1. sewing machine
  2. fiber (meaning cloth and yarn)
  3. size "G" crochet hook

Paper, clay and art books for ideas.

  1. Golden matte medium
  2. PVA glue
  3. waxed linen book binding thread

Camera, pens and paint


Teflon bone folder, retractable knife, lots of paper, and you can keep the scissors unless they're really tiny (or I'll trade for linen thread).

  1. plastic lids from cottage cheese, etc. for mixing paint and dabbing glue from
  2. the inner plastic from old sponge brushes for spreading glue (tear away the old used sponge part and you have a little plastic spatula on a wooden handle for spreading glue).
  3. canvas craft tool carrier with lots of pockets.

My art journal, paints, and pens. With these and scissors and glue, I'd be very content on a deserted island.

  1. a fine point black pen (for example, Faber Castell artist pen)
  2. my favorite music playing on my CD player
  3. This is not a supply item, but it is something that I absolutely need to create art: A DEADLINE!!
  1. Gesso--black, white and clear, I rarely complete a project without using one of them.
  2. Encaustic wax plain and colored
  3. Golden mediums (I am cheating by lumping them all together, but my favorite is absorbant grounds for my watermedia)
But truly, the list is pretty endless...

  1. All kinds of color applications and applicators.
  2. All kinds of materials on which to administer the color.
  3. An active and creative imagination.

What are your three essential art supplies?


steph b said...

Too Fun!! I loved hearing what makes you girls tick and yes Z'anne Choclate DOES count as a art supply!

artfromhome said...

I could "see" the effects of your favorite supplies in my memories of your art. Now I know how you all do your fabulous work!--Judi