Thursday, March 4, 2010

Greeting Cards Revisited

Several of the PAC artists create and sell greeting cards, produced from their original work. I have a collection of these that I don't intend to give away as cards, but to just enjoy myself. The problem is, they often get tucked away where they can't be seen. I decided to re-purpose some of these lovely cards into simple books. It's a fun and easy project.

This is one of Lenall Siebenaler's cards of a Portland cityscape that has been trimmed and layered onto colored cardstock. The back cover is also made from cardstock. I added some inside pages and assembled with coil binding. If you don't have a coil binding punch and coils at home, your local printing/copy shop should be able to do this for you for a minimal charge.

Here, I used an art print from Tory Brokenshire and layered it on Debi Koenig's hand decorated paper. The covers are actually recycled tagboard but you'd never know it! The book is bound very simply with two metal rings. Pages can easily be added or removed. I'm going to use this as a photo album.
I'm binding some extra cards of my own into little notebooks to give as gifts at an art retreat. I used decorative papers and fabric to create borders around the image, added some blank pages, then put it all together with a coil binding.

So, dig out those cards you've been saving and enjoy giving them a new life!


Lenall Siebenaler said...

Great Idea, Suzanne!

cynthia said...

This is a wonderful idea, and makes a nice little gift, or sketchbook. Thanks for the suggestion, and for giving us directions.

Dayna Collins said...

Awesome idea! What a great way to enjoy the art in a new and fresh way.