Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some of my purchases from the Open Doors show

These are a few of the purchases I made at Portland Art Collective's recent Open Doors Show and Sale. I am so lucky to be a part of this fabulously inspiring group of artists! Tin covered handmade book by Carol Cotton. The little circle says "listen". It really spoke to me, reminding me to "listen" in my coaching business. The heart was created by Gloria Sowell, "the present moment" - a message telling me to live in the present. The necklace was made by Tory Brokenshire - I don't know whether to wear it or write with it! Love it!!!

I hung the assemblage created by Lorraine Jones on the front of a mural in my entry (mural painted by me). When I first tried to hammer in the nail, it bounced off the wall (almost like it was real stone). This is the first thing I have ever attached to one of my murals!

This heart in a frame (Gloria Sowell) states "one wing caught with mine". Hmmm, will this be my 2011?

Love this fabric dragonfly vase created by Sandy Keating. I had to have it, and knew exactly where it would go in my home!

This tiny 2" x 2" book was made by Tammy Vail (from a typewriter ribbon tin). She showed it to me, and I snapped it right up!

A couple of the pages from the handmade book by Tammy.
Be sure to keep up with me on my blog - In today's post, you'll see some of the treasures I discovered on my Sunday drive.


stephanie brockway said...

Good eye Jennifer, you got some real treasures!

Coleen said...

I just found your blog and info about the show...I hope I get to see some of this wonder-filleed art in person one day...I am a Portlander,too!

Heart Hugs,

Jennifer said...

Coleen, thank you so much for leaving a comment on our blog! Hope to see you at the show in 2011 - or around town before then.