Saturday, July 2, 2011

Earrings 365 Challenge Is Finished!!!!!

Yippee!!! Over 365 pair of earrings are completed for my yearly challenge. At the beginning I wasn't sure I would finish this project, but I did!!!! Here is the last pair of earrings I made. To learn more about them click on over to my blog and while you're there, check out the rest of the earrings on the Earrings 365 Page.

The next challenge for me is to do one blog post a day for a year. As I did with my beading, which got me to my beading desk at least once a day, this will get me to my blog at least once a day. And...that cannot be a bad thing, unless I have nothing to say. LOL


Dayna Collins said...

What an absolutely amazing accomplishment!

Z'anne said...

Thank you, Dayna! It helps a lot when you really love what you are doing when working on a challenge like this. And you know how much I love my beads! ;)