Friday, September 2, 2011

Artist Profile--Suzanne Reynolds

Our featured artist this month is Suzanne Reynolds. Suzanne is one of those artists who tries a lot of different media and seems to master everything. Whatever she delves into, her work has a wonderful polish to it that we all admire.

1. What are the main mediums you use? What do you find satisfying about them?
Given my crazy collection of materials and supplies, you'd probably conclude there are few mediums I haven't played with. My favorite would have to be fabric, though. The most satisfying feature is that it can be manipulated or embellished to create things that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. I love to use vintage fabrics as well as modern prints from current designers. Other favorite mediums include wire, beads, and metal findings for creating jewelry; ephemera and old photographs for collage, paint--and a new one for me, paper clay. After taking a workshop with Rogene Manas I'm intrigued by the way it can be worked to give the effect of carved wood.

2. If someone were going to get started in those mediums, what suggestions would you give?
If you find yourself falling in love with fabric, own a good sewing machine and know how to use it. Take classes and workshops from artists whose work speaks to you. Don't be afraid to try something new! Browse the library and book store shelves for ideas. The internet is an endless source of information--blogs, websites, Google--but don't let it take up too much of your creative time.

3. A perfect art day would look like__

It would involve a class of some sort, or play date with art friends. Throw in a gallery visit or shopping break, good coffee, food, and music...that adds up to a pretty perfect day in my book.
4. Do you have dedicated studio space? Give a brief description of where you work.
I'm fortunate to have a large space above my garage but now it's serving mostly as a storage room and I'm not spending much time in there. It needs a major "re-do"! The sewing machine and cutting mat are currently set up in the dining room and I have some bins for various projects that help keep me organized and make it easy to work in any area of my house.
5. Favorite place you've visited or lived?

I've been in the Portland area for 21 years and can't imagine living outside the Pacific Northwest--we have everything here. I enjoy visiting our National Parks and exploring cities with lots of charm--and art, of course!

6. What inspires you (or are there recurring themes in your work)?

I'm inspired by nature, graphic design and illustration, fabric, old stuff, religious objects and images, and my artist friends.

7. I still struggle with_______

managing time for making art. There are so many distractions in day-to-day life. I often have difficulty finding time to be productive. And I'm a hopeless dreamer.

8. I'd be lost without_______

the desire to make things.

9. Favorite dessert?

A naked slice of cheesecake is simply divine.

10. What's on the horizon?
Well, I never want to stop learning so it will be interesting to discover what captures my imagination next.
I'd love to make loads of quilts, travel more, and play a lot.

See more of Suzanne's work on her BLOG .

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