Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day of the Dead Show Opening!! & Hanging a Art Show....

Once again Day of the Dead has rolled around. Opening this Thursday, through Nov 20Th. I have the pleasure of curating the Show again, and one of the best parts is hanging the show!

Here's a peek today, All the art hung up. The public Altar to the left, complete with paper, pens and pins. People leave the best comments and memories about departed loved ones

It all starts with a blank walls......................gulp

I lay out all the art and see what the artists from the 22 person group show have brought in. We never know for sure until game day. I split up the wall pieces and the pedestal pieces

I start at the top and work my way down juggling things here and a few there, I try to get 20 different styles & colors to compliment each other and look cohesive. I had a few helpers, the "is it straight crew" Big thanks to Tory, Gloria and Janet, and the ever patient Donna Guardino , the owner of the gallery, it's a whirlwind of activity, but I stayed the course.

We have three walls and a window to decorate, the big etched printing is form Gene Flores and the smaller paintings from Richard Cutshall, I'll be talking about ALL the artists on my blog all month long HERE http://stephaniebrockway.blogspot.com

This wall is just inside the door, it really came together!

Today I came back to straighten up and check the tags, and marveled at how all the art seems like it was always meant to be together! Come visit us if your in Portland http://www.guardinogallery.com/feature-gallery

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