Friday, October 21, 2011

Favorite Art Blogs and Websites

We all love reading each other's blogs to keep up on current projects, but our question this month was:

Besides PAC members', what are some of your favorite artist blogs and websites? (You can find links to PAC members' blogs on the sidebar if you'd like to read those too.)


This is and will probably always be my favorite blog The Hermitage.

I love her words, her art and photography. It is educational and magical at the same time. The blog description is best said in Rima’s own words....


Dartmoor, United Kingdom

Rima's curiosity leads her through the many worlds of words, languages and lettering, books and stories, puppetry, nature and interesting people, music, superstitions, folklore and fairytales, and most of all the otherness that can be found on the periphery of our lives, the strange and grotesque, the absurd and unnerving ... that topsy turvy in between place where things are not quite what they seem...

Rima travelled for a year and a day in a house on wheels to the edge of Dartmoor where she now sits in an old cottage amongst books and paints and writes tales of her days and thoughts of her stories and songs of her paintings here on this blog for you to smile at.


As it is in all art, it is on all artist's blogs to me, samples of their
wonderful art, snippits of their opinions and references, and their
smiling picture - just can't choose a favorite.


The only blogs that I think of off the top of my head are Alisa Burke Jane LaFazio

Maybe because I am too lazy to look up others, but those are two that I go to consistently for inspiration.


I love to keep up with blogs and among my favorites are those of our own PAC artists. Also enjoy....

Blogs that tell something of the owner's lifestyle as well as their art; where they live and create, how they decorate their spaces, what they cook, where they travel, family life...that sort of thing: Alicia Paulson, craft designer and author from Portland. This is the first blog I ever followed. Alicia used to be an editor so no surprise she has a way with words, as well as the camera. Nina Bagley, jewelry/mixed-media artist. An excellent writer, and artist. When you go to Lucy's blog, it's almost like visiting her in the UK. I would imagine she speaks the same way she writes; you can almost hear her British accent. Lots of color here; beautiful yarns and crochet, home dec, life in an English village. A little bit of everything in the lifestyle category; lots of links.

Sites/blogs of creative inspiration: Lorelei Eurto, prolific jewelry artist with a great sense of design. DJ Pettitt, mixed-media artist and photographer. Geninne's Art blog; fine craft and nature-inspired illustration. print & pattern; just about everything in the realm of surface design. Folk art fiber artist! Whimsical fiber art and mixed-media

The link for Jacquie Gering (modern quilting) is


There are a number of blogs I follow, but my all time favorite blog is from the book artist Mia Liejonstedt. She has two blogs, creative inspirations and a visual diary. Her books are beautiful and they inspire me.


Here are my favorite places I like to go for inspiration.

PAC members, of course, are a constant source of inspiration and the energy I get from them spills over to my work. and are where I can get my daily fix of Zentangles.

These are great sites for me to add to my collection of tangles and ideas.

Another Robin that I like to go see is Robin Atkins of She is the moderator and orginator of where people from around the world sign up each year to work on a beaded "page" once a month for a "journal" that will hold those pages at the end of the year.

After completing my year long challenge of making a pair of earrings a day for a year, I found another crazy womanwho is working on her own beaded challenge. Amy of is making beaded spiders. Hers are the inspiration for me to start my own beaded spiders, which I will be selling at our Open Doors show in December. Mine will be Christmas Spiders and will also include the story of the Christmas Spider.


I'm keepin' it simple with my response for this month's blog question (I know, hard to believe), but since we aren't sharing the blogs and websites of PAC members, I had to dig a bit deeper. Two of my favorites for beauty AND content:

Roben-Marie Smith: Every Life Has a Story

Lynne Hoppe: heART & LIFE


I can get lost for hours looking at blogs and websites, so I try to limit myself to those that focus solely on art. A few favorites:

Jude Hill at Spirit Cloth documents her slowly developing, hand-stitched pieces. She has a poet's eye for detail, so it's fascinating to hear how her mind works, and what bits inspire her, as her pieces evolve.

I love the soulfulness of Orly Avieneri's journals. Her blog usually contains only the briefest writing and her thoughtful journal pages.

Teesha Moore's blog contains lots of inspiration in her colorful journals and other projects. She often includes good tutorials of things she makes.

Art Propelled is full of beautiful artwork that I love. The author creates her own wonderful carved totems and also gathers great examples of others' work from around the world. It often has an outsider or ethnic vibe that attracts me.

Carolyn Saxby has two gorgeous blogs full of stitching and art she discovers. and


Mary Ann Moss writes my favorite blog- Dispatch from LA. She shares her handmade journals, travel photos and daily journeys. Her online classes are the best with great videos, PDF files and her wonderful sense of humor. Alisa Burke shares her art on another favorite blog called redefine creativity. She paints, sketches and sews. Her blog is full of tutorials and lots of photos of her artwork. Two Portland painters that have art websites that inspire me are Flora Bowley and Yellena James.

Many of us have more favorite blogs listed on our own blogs. You can find links to those in the sidebar.


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