Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Colors

With this gorgeous fall we are having it's no surprise that fall tones are popping up in my work. I'm working on a new line of fabric jewelry this year for our show. I'm always trying to find a way to include fabric with jewelry without it getting too cute. I'm really happy with these bundle beads I came up with.

Some necklaces--

And some earrings. I also made some bundle beads on hoops for larger earrings. I thought I was working with pretty small scraps when I was making my prayer flags. Now I'm down to smaller snippets yet.

Working away on the prayer flags. Here are a few of my favorite fall ones.


Createology said...

Lovely warm organic textile look and "feel". Your little beads of fabric snippets and your little fabric flags are fabulous. Amazing Autumn to you...

Robin Olsen said...

Thank you for the lovely comment! It's been a fabulous autumn, unfortunately it seems to be turning to winter very quickly.