Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Fiber Danglies--I hope you like them!

I am very excited about my Danglies this year.  I did three new ones.  There are two birds and beaded balls made from recycled fibers.  Both birds are rather primitive but unique.  One bird was done using an old sweater I probably bought when I was 27.  It was handwoven in South America.  I was saving it for something special and this seemed fitting.  Very colorful and ethnic, but pretty.  The other two danglies are made from a Coogie Australian mercerized cotton sweater.  They are very special and made the danglies quite interesting and unique.  I will use these again sometime!

I also made felted pins and made them into a danglie.  You can take the tassel off and voila!  there is a little pin you can wear.  The threadspool and cork danglies are always fun.
See you at the show!   

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