Sunday, January 29, 2012

A water color workshop I'd signed up for motivated me to start painting more. So while Christmas shopping, the Audubon calendar inspired me to paint a bird a day to prepare to take the workshop.  So here are a few examples from my watercolor sketch book.  I'm using the Strathmore Visual Journal book.  I've been reading a book by Carl Purcell called "Your Artist's Brain" . . . neuroscience meets artist.  This book is unlocked something for me.  He explains how to "see" in a way that I finally understand.  Drawing has gotten easier  . . .watercolor is another story.  I find acrylic much easier than watercolor.  But there is something so lively and engaging about watercolor.  It's a dance with the water and pigment.  It makes me do what it wants, not the other way around.


Z'anne said...

These are lovely, Suzie! They make me yearn for the Spring ever more. I can't wait to see my little wandering feathered friends come back to the woods.

suzie Wolfer said...

Thanks Z'Anne! I did the Christmas bird count this year (that means going out with a flock of Audubon birders from 7 am to 5 pm!) and I was amazed at how many birds are out there that I just never notice. And many of the spring migrants were starting to show up, like the townsend warblers, redwing black birds!