Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring has Sprung at my House! by Lenall Siebenaler

I have come to look at my yard as part of my art. It is full, full, full! It also reflects riotous color. Like my art it can be somewhat whimsy and eclectic and it has gobs of texture. I have always spent a mint each year adding to my collection of plants and have got to the point where I should probably stop but, of course, can't. I still buy and actually went to a local plant sale on Saturday where I purchased 3 boxes of very healthy plants at great prices! I am also lucky to have friends who also have a lot of plants and totally enjoy exchanging with them.

 This past Fall, I purchased a few more red and yellow tulip bulbs to add to my front yard bed along my driveway. I'm really glad I did as it looks so pretty! I just had to share! Later in the summer I will share the back yard. The perennials are getting taller but not quite there for your viewing pleasure. Till then...

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