Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New jewelry pieces...

Retro Sequin 'Splosion bracelet created with vintage sequins and seed beads

Duomo Bracelet created with fire-polish and Delica beads

Tri-Color Daggers Bracelet created with dagger and seed beads

Flower Sequin 'Splosion Bracelet created with metal sequins and seed beads

Button Bracelets created with vintage and diachroic buttons and seed beads

You may have noticed that I tend to gravitate toward bracelets! I did veer off my beaten path recently long enough to learn how to make silver beads to use as components when creating necklaces. It is a fun process using a small bit of sterling silver, tin snips, a hammer, a couple of files, a little flux, a torch and a lot of "elbow grease" to file down and polish the little critters. Here is a photo of my first attempt at creating a sterling silver lentil bead...

I am looking forward to learning more about metal smithing, and sharing my experiences with you here via photos of my work!

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carrie said...

Lynn, hey i got on this time! I love the retro sequin bracelet; can I see it live? Are you making these for the sale? so cool!