Thursday, September 4, 2008

Welcome to Show-and-Tell Time

Greetings and welcome to our blog!  Portland Art Collective is a group of 25 women artists who have been meeting for almost five years now.  We work in diverse mediums from paint to collage, beads to glass, fiber to metal, often using found or recycled materials.  The highlight of our monthly meetings is always an extensive show-and-tell session.  We hope our blog will allow you to share in our enthusiasm as you see samples of some of our work.

At this point most of us are working on items for our 2008 "Open Doors" show in December.  Last year was the first year we put on such a large show.  We worked all year to put it together, starting with gathering and painting 50 old doors to use as display panels for our work.  We each decorated our areas in neutral tones to unify the show:

And then filled the room with our artwork:

We hope you will enjoy our blog and visit frequently, and if you are in the Portland area in December, stop by the show and say HI.


Suzie Wolfer said...

Inspiration! Each month we meet to share our creations. And in the 5 years we've been meeting, I and many others have been inspired to publish articles, teach classes, expand our art horizons. And you can see this "inspiration" when you come to our annual show. . . feast of creativity and celebration of life. We hope to share the joy with you this December!

Suzie Wolfer LCSW

Suzie Wolfer said...

Here's a picture of us transforming 60+ old doors into an art gallery wonderland . . at least whenI can find the icon to upload!