Friday, July 16, 2010

good shopping in Seattle

I recently had to make a quick trip to Seattle and, as always was looking for some good shops to explore. My sister told me about a Japanese $ store (my favorite kind) called Daiso, with two locations in Seattle, one in the bottom of the Westlake mall downtown, and the other near the International District. This is my hydrangea painting, with my new favorite self-inking stamp, which I believe means "paid".
Here is another view of it, and my other new favorite, a whiteout pen that will stay in my journal bag for those times when I misspell words, which I so often do! It rolls a nice small line of whiteout.And the self inker, of which they had several, mostly pertaining to business matters.
These are cute little heart baking tins, about 3 inches across. Perfect for my next tea party!
They had a good selection of origami papers, too.Nothing too fancy, although this is called "fancy paper". I should probably mention that things are not 1$ but $1.50 and up. But they truly have everything!
I love this quote, which I found at another favorite store in Seattle, Watson and Kennedy. Also not to be missed, is Souvenier in Ballard. Curtis Steiner, the owner is a genius at display, and everything else, really. This is a gem of a store! Have fun next time you are in Seattle.


Robin Olsen said...

Thanks for these recommendations! I love the simplicity of your hydrangea--it feels very Japanese.

Paula McNamee said...

Cynthia, I've added Daiso to my list of places to visit while in Seattle. Thanks for sharing your fun art supplies.