Monday, July 12, 2010

Paste Paper Adventure

Here's how it started, crying out for something more. . .

I found it at a garage sale, in it's horrible naked whiteness. Then I thought Paste paper.
Here's how it all started.

A little bit of methycellulose and some cheap acrylic paints and it started to revive.

Then more layers and a little more depth. I'll use these for the covers

The I had to add some folders and translucent papers to go with it. These will be covers for a book that I will add calligraphy around the paste paper designs. Only I got distracted with walnut ink and sumi ink. See next

One side of the inside pages

More pages.

And they were soon to live happily ever after.


stephanie brockway said...

It was a beautiful adventure!

lynda Howells said...