Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lenall Siebenaler- Artist Profile

Lenall Siebenaler is our profiled artist this month. Lenall is a prolific artist who works quickly and experiments with a vast array of materials. Her work is always colorful and reflects her playful spirit.

1. What are the main mediums you use? What do you find satisfying about them?

My mother encouraged us when we were young to be needle artists. I look at myself as originally being a fiber artist. I did all kinds of needle art—x-stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, brazillian, crewel, sewing. I still enjoy working with fibers today. In 1991, I decided to try watercolor and quickly fell in love with it. After taking a mixed media class in Hawaii, in 1995, my interests started to broaden. Art and Soul actually was the catalyst for pushing me to stop limiting myself to just watercolors. Now I have a plethora of art supplies that surround me and I enjoy using everything in one piece. The layers are far more interesting to me, and the lack of rules tends to work better with my personality type. I like working with a variety of different mediums as the possibilities are limitless. I enjoy the freedom. In general I enjoy losing myself in art. It is the ultimate escape.

2. If someone were going to get started in those mediums, what suggestions would you give?

I think I would recommend going to Art and Soul and taking classes that interest you, but might challenge you. Take other classes and always look for people in the classes who interest you. Ask them to lunch or coffee and then for an art play date. Continue to share and learn from your new friends. Take classes from those painters whose style you admire. For example, if you like loose paintings, don’t take from a traditional watercolor artist.

3. A perfect art day would look like_________

A perfect day would always start early with sun. Sun always makes me happy. Some of my happiest days have been spent at home either with an artist friend or by myself doing art in my studio or in the backyard-- breaking for lunch in and then dinner out. Good conversation, and food with a good friend or two Maybe an afternoon adventure like a trip to a nursery, antiques store, a thrift store or a clothing boutique.

4. Do you have dedicated studio space? Give a brief description of where you work.

I moved my studio to my attached two car garage. It has plenty of space and all my supplies are there. I gave a class today and the lady’s parting comment was, “You do have a lot of supplies. At least $1000.00 worth.” I smiled and replied, "I have over $2000.00 in watercolor paint alone.”

5. Favorite place you've visited or lived?

It would have to be Paris or New York City. I spent about 25% of my life living it up in NYC but only 2 different very special weeks in Paris. I love both for different reasons but three reasons are the same. Culture, Art and History. Both are packed full of all three.

6. What inspires you?

Life, love, adventure. Color, others art, other artists, my friends, a goal.

7. I still struggle with_______________

acceptance. I want to be accepted and admired by my peers for who I am and what I do.

8. I'd be lost without__________

family, friends, and cats.

9. Favorite dessert?

I like most desserts but if I could only choose one I would choose cookies. I was raised a cookie monster!

10. What's on the horizon?

I am percolating right now on a new painting and fiber line I want to work on next. I have been wanting to do something with fiber for several years now and I think the time is now!

Visit Lenall's website and blog to see more of her colorful work.


Erin Kenepp said...

This was a great interview, thanks for posting it!

purple bird art said...

It was good to learn more about you, Lenall. Will look forward to seeing your new endeavors

Suzanne Reynolds said...

I enjoyed reading about what led up to your current work, Lenall, and look forward to seeing what you do in the future with paint and fiber!

cynthia said...

I enjoyed reading your profile, Lenall. I agree with your perfect day. I also look forward to seeing what you work on next.