Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Easy Rivets- Tip to Try

Take your art to the next step…say no to glue…this is fun and easy to do.
 Choose the materials you wish to connect; this can be paper to paper, metal to metal, fabric to metal or any combination you can think up. As long as you can punch or drill a hole in it you can rivet it.  You will need: hammer, anvil, drill or hole punch, small nail (I use #17 wire brads) it must have a head on it and safety glasses.

Your first step is to put holes in your materials and line them up. Place the nail through the holes and place it nail head down on your anvil.

Put on your safety glasses! Clip the nail very close about 1/8” to the material.

Use your hammer to flair and smash the nail end. Start easy tap, tap, tapping and increase swings as the nail flairs. You will need to practice this, as with any technique practice will improve you project.

That’s it you now can make what is called a cold connection.
It really will take your work up a notch. People will say your work is riveting! If you like this post and “Tips to Try, please let me know with your comments, thanks for taking the time and reading our blog.


lynda Howells said...

thanks for this ..off to try itxxlynda

Createology said...

This looks very easy to do and worth trying. Thank you for sharing so generously. Happy riveting...

Anonymous said...

This makes it so easy. I have kissed my glue goodbye. Thank you for the step by step guide. It really helped.
New mexico

Tory Brokenshire said...

Thank you ladies for your comments I know it takes time to do that. I’m so glad you are going to try a rivet. If you need any help just email me coppercrowstudio@msn.com . Thanks, Tory

Dayna Collins said...

I like the tutorial -- even after having received a personal lesson from you! I'll print out this tutorial and jump back in with some practice rivets.

cynthia said...

Thanks Tory! I really appreciated learning from you how easy it is to do rivets. It was always quite mysterious to me before you showed us.