Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day cards and teeny accordion booklets

I am always inspired by the creativity of the women in our group. For example, Robin creates amazing stuffed hearts which she decorates with little dabs of multicolored fabric and accents with beads, stitching and fibers. I told her that I was planning on creating some hearts of my own to send to my (single) girlfriends for Valentine's Day. Robin was excited for me and asked me to include photos of my work on this blog.
Well, the hearts never materialized but I did make cards inspired by Robin's hearts. I scrounged up some fabric and ribbons and sewed directly onto card stock. The free form collage and loose threads dangling hither and thither make me smile. For those who know me, this higgledy-piggledy style is way outside my box!
I made eight different cards but I could only post 4 of them because I have no idea how to rotate photos in here. Yikes, that learning curve is parabolic.

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Robin Olsen said...

It's fun to see that I influenced you, but these cards are still very much you!