Monday, February 7, 2011

Tips to Try- a valentine paper cut

Learn to make a one of a kind Valentine paper-cut.
This project takes few supplies and can be completed in a very short time. You will need; a self healing mat, exacto knife,text weight paper, pencil, light to medium weight black paper and your back ground paper.

Finding and deciding on your image might be the hardest part of this project. Once I have an idea I do a rough sketch to see if it has balance and will translate well into the paper-cut. I then draw it again with all the details like where the breaks in the cuts will be. Paperclip or tape it to your black paper.
Now the fun begins, take your time and make your cuts with a new blade.
When you are finished cutting remove the top white paper to reveal your finished piece.
Mount your finished piece on contrasting paper. You can make it into a card or a wall hanging.

 I have had some paper cut posts on my personal blog if you would like to see them follow this link. #1link - #2 link - #3 link .

Have a Happy Valentines-


Createology said...

Your Valentine cutout is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your techniques. Happy February Hearts...

Dayna Collins said...

A wonderful tutorial! Thanks, Tory.

stephanie brockway said...

Well darn I hope I'm your valentine!!!..

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to try this papercut. What a wonderful way to a unique and heartfelt valentine. Thanks for the instruction.