Saturday, June 18, 2011

question of the Month--Where do you go for Inspiration?

It looks like most of our members are off being inspired somewhere this month, but here are a few responses to the question--Where do you go for inspiration?


I am inspired whenever I can be around water. For right now, I'm lucky enough to be living on our boat on the Portland Waterfront and this is my view and inspiration out my side windows for the next three weeks.


Anthropologie is my go-to place to get inspired. I also like some of the occasional sales around the area, like Tarte in Aurora and the Barn House in Battleground. I should also mention Monticello, as it is a fun place to get inspiration.


The ocean really inspires me - the patterns of the waves, unending sky and water, just letting my mind float away on a cloud. Also inspiring is a visit to Monticello Antique Marketplace. I never know what fabulous find is in store for me there. Oh...and art workshops - all of those new techniques to learn and creative "problems" to solve!

Jennifer's piece from a recent Michael DeMeng workshop:

Monticello Antiques:



My favorite places that never fail to inspire me are the Portland Art Museum, the Laura Russo Gallery and other art galleries around town. Having said that, I can find inspiration just about anywhere -- nature, picture books, store windows, and people watching.


For inspiration I have a few go to places to window shop. Cargo in the pearl, is a feast for my eyes, bright colors, unexpected vintage and unique finds, I always come away inspired.


Sometimes I need relaxation and focus to be reinspired. At those times, I like to head to the coast by myself for some quiet work. At other times, I want new ideas for inspiration. One of my favorite places is the small library at Oregon College of Art and Craft. They have a great periodical collection. I often get a cup of coffee and spend hours browsing through the latest magazines. I also love to go to the Goodwill bins without a specific project in mind. I just browse through and see if an old bit of linen or an old curtain from the sixties catches my eye and gives me ideas. And walking and window shopping in any city always inspires me.

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