Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A little sunshine for our rainy days

With all the rain, snow and overcast days lately I’ve been craving something bright and cheerful.  Recently Quilting Arts TV featured Terry Grant who demonstrated how to make the cutest fabric birds.  It seemed like a small project I could handle with my limited time so off I went picking some fabric, stuffing, wire and brown floral tape.

It all started with this first little guy.  Cheerful and just kind of makes you smile even with a beak more like a duck bill.  But he looked like he needed some friends so with more colorful fabrics one by one a flock was formed. 

Truly a fun project to add a little cheer to your day.   You can download the instructions from the Quilting Arts TV website to create your own little happy flock!

1 comment:

Dayna Collins said...

These are so cute, Carol! I love the little row of them on the window sill.