Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Rag Rug Project

 $3.99 for a rag rug, hours of fun priceless.

A few month's ago I redid my bath room and bought some rag rugs to brighten it up bit. I loved the gentle jewel tones and wanted see the fabric unbound. So I started to clip, and clip, and clip. Piles of gray string like thread wove the rug together, it took some time to free the fabric.
 What a treasure came out - it was mostly silk.
  You can’t believe the amount of fabric in one little 20”x32” rug. The fabric come out very crimped and has not relaxed much in the following weeks. I think the crimped look is very nice for some projects.

  I broke out the iron to make the first project, one of my polka dot scarves. The base is all rug fabric, the dots are from my stash.

Next a square knot bracelet. A loop on one end slips over the beautiful green bead.

I took 6 stands of fabric braided 3 of them and looped the others to create the necklace. The center piece is a silk cocoon beaded inside and out.

  And the last thing for now is a rag rug curtain. Very lovely and amazingly it matches the rug.

Caution: After opening the first rug I went back to the store (Fred Meyers) and bought two more. One was much heavier and made from upholstery fabric with nasty thin strips. So when you are looking for the silk ones pick at the edge and make sure it is silk. This is funny all the tags say 100% cotton.

Have fun and let us know if you come up with a rug project of your own. You can e-mail me at coppercrowstudio@msn.com

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Createology said...

Wow what a bonanza. I would not have thought to take apart a rug and find silk fabric strips. Love your creations. Blissful inspiration...