Friday, March 16, 2012

Virtual Studio Tour - Paula McNamee

Welcome to my studio- in my home, in what used to be the back bedroom. I've reorganized the 12x12 foot space a couple times in the past five years. With limited storage, it's been a challenge to fit supplies for all of my creative interests. If I start working with a new medium, then something else has to go. Moving the books out of the studio gave me lots more storage space and flexibility.

  1. What sort of artwork do you do and what are you currently working on?

    My artwork includes a variety of media- fiber art with fabric, stitching and felting, metalsmithing, jewelry making, painting, collage, book arts, drawing and writing.

Right now, I'm painting two 24x30 inch canvases as part of Flora Bowley's online e-course. I set up an easel on my center work table for my acrylic painting station.

I'm currently taking an Italic calligraphy class and place my slanted drawing board on my desk to practice.

  1. How do you need your studio to function? I enjoy having flexible work stations that can be changed depending on my current project. I like to keep my fiber arts/stitching station in one area with supplies close at hand.

My desk area is for writing, drawing and computer work.

The center, island work table gets used for many projects such as metalsmithing and book arts. I like to stand and work on many projects and adjust the table height to fit me.

  1. What do you love about your studio?

    My studio is a warm, quiet retreat – my sacred space-

surrounded my what inspires me-

a window to bring the outdoors inside-

  1. What would you like to change about it? I'd like to have more space, a wet area with sink and running water, and move the computer out of the studio to another place in the house.

  2. What would your dream studio contain? Besides the above mentioned changes, my dream studio would have a sitting area with a couch and a couple comfortable chairs, a large table where friends could work together and a large blank wall for a design board . My wall space is taken up with storage and artwork now. I'd also love to have space for a separate painting area that is set up all the time. Who knows, my dreams may come true someday. I am a dreamer.

  3. Do you have any organizational tips? Organization helps me use my studio space efficiently. Look at the mess I used to have in my studio-

Now everything has a place-

It's all sorted by item and labeled-

One of my best organizational tips is to use tool caddies or totes. I sorted all of my metalsmithing supplies, pencils and pens into three different caddies.

The metalsmithing tools are all together and ready for my studio or to take to the garage and work-

My idea and sketch books are a handy reference-

Where to put travel souvenirs? I placed them on the top shelves so that I can enjoy them but they are not in the way-

My knickknacks grace a narrow, six inch high shelf at the back of my desk-

My calligraphy supply case hangs on two hooks on the back of my work table up off the floor. See the storage bins under the table?

Thank you for visiting my studio. To see more of my artwork and creative life go to my blog Dreamcicle Journeys.


Robin Johnston said...

Wow, wonderful! Thank you for your ideas, photos, and thoughts. As of this coming week, I will be able to convert our front bedroom into my art studio, and this has given me much to contemplate.

Paula McNamee said...

Thank you, Robin, for your comments. Good luck in creating your new studio.

Lotus said...

Your studio is a dream! I love the way you've organized everything. This wouldn't last five minutes with me... ; )

Cindy Eubanks said...

I'd love to hear more about your travel journals. Great space. I just moved into my new creative space two weeks ago and I love it! Twice as big as my old one - so much room I am so excited. But it still have that empty new feel - yours has the loved and lived in look!

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks for all of your comments. Lotus, my studio isn't always this neat. Cindy, I'll make a page on my blog of my travel journal posts in the next week.