Friday, October 30, 2009

Felted Eyeglass Cases by Lenall Siebenaler

Time is flying by and it's pretty darn close to "Party Time." Yep, it's almost Show Time!

I figure that I have a little less than 2 more weeks to create and the rest of the time will be spent pricing and ticketing, inventoring and thinking about merchandising. The pricing and the inventoring part of the show is my worst nightmare and my performance is some of my PAC friend's equally worst nightmares! I'm glad that I have strong shoulders, as I have been the butt of many a joke when the conversation turns to ticketing and inventoring. Heck, I readily admit that I have so much stuff that it takes me hours and in the process I often lose my place in the numbering and my handwritting gets to be even worse than it already is.

The past two days I have been working with felted fabric and made these eyeglass cases. Everyone of them is different in size, shape and decoration. They are put together using embrodiery floss in a contrast color buttonhole stitch. All eyeglasses are different, right? They are in two colorways: Turquoise, lime, green and royal and orange, red, purple and turquoise.

These have been on my list of things to do for a long time. I am finially crusing toward the finish line!


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