Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wabi Sabi Wonder with Serena Barton By Lenall Siebenaler

I took Wabi Sabi Wonder today with Serena Barton. I was initially compelled to take it because it was an abstract class and I really like doing abstract work and it was to be done using acrylic inks. I just happen to have a lot of acrylic inks sitting around that I have really not used much and felt it was a great opportunity to explore this. I was hoping for more than what I got. I liked Serena. I liked what I did in the class. What I am coming to understand is that maybe, just maybe, I need to spend more time in self exploration or exploration with friends as I am not getting what I need from the teachers. What am I expecting to get? All the answers? How to start? Techniques? Did I ask for what I needed? No. I did get some of this today and I am satisfied.
What I like best about Art & Soul is that it has tended to give me breakthoughs in technique that I make my own or it gives me an impetus toward warp speed production. It has also given me new directions in art which I have benefited greatly from. The above paintings were all done today. I like several of these abstract landscapes, particularily the second to the last one.

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Serena Barton said...

Hi Lenall,

I just saw your post. I love the work did in the class! Your favorite is mine also, and very Wabi-Sabi.

If you have any further thoughts about how the class could have been more helpful to you, please share them with me. I'm always looking to improve my classes.

Like you, I've found taking Art and Soul classes can be a springboard to new directions and I usually feel I've only scratched the surface when I leave a class. I hope you keep doing the kind of work you did in class--it's beautiful and moving.