Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Menucha Weekend by Lenall Siebenaler

The Portland Art Collective and Friends spent the weekend at Menucha Retreat Center. We gather together here twice a year and always totally enjoy ourselves and on top of that we get a lot created. I always come away in awe of all those around me and in their creativity. Each member of our group is so special and talented. They are also a bunch of VERY nice women. This weekend, we had a large number of friends join us. It was very interesting watching the group coalesce in the beginning. As the first night wore on and we had dinner together wearing our fun hats we all began to meld into one. Very interesting dynamics...

What did I create?

I started out building the base of the cork ornaments that I worked on last weekend. (See earlier photo.) I had finished 12 last week, but felt I could get more done as I watched TV in the evening. That night my hands were hurting from working the needle and wire through the cork. I was trying unsuccessfully to go to sleep totally overstimulated.

One of my goals for the weekend was to get my xyron working and Cynthia saved the day coming to my rescue. I was able to cover about 12 2010 Monthly Planner Calendars using both paste paper and paper I worked on last weekend using the black gessoed monoprint process. See the pictures above. Check out the paste paper File Folders pictures also.

The rest of my time was spent designing and creating 3 different cards. Two Xmas cards: a Tree using the left over papers from my calendars and a very graphic Holly card. Then I did 4 woven heart cards. All total I probably finished 40 cards today.

Besides creating I got a lot of great critiques, conversation and wonderful observation of a large group of fully content and happy creative women!

It was another great weekend...


Dayna Collins said...

Lenall, great cards and calendars! And such a treat to see here because I got to see you making them in person. Beautiful.

Dover NY said...

I was there with another group and wanted to talk with the flaming red haired woman with the "inspire" necklace about who made her wonderful vest/dress and who does her hair. Was too shy. If this note reaches her, send a note to me at Thanks, Dover

Carole said...

Wondeful work.

Gosh I miss Menucha. I used to go up with the Calligraphy Guild, even though I wasn't a calligrapher. I always attended the open workshop event, which was a held in late October, early November. It was so much fun to eat, breathe and live art, and to share it with others. Sadly that venue has been cancelled due to lack of participation.

I hope to get a chance to go up again. It's a beautiful retreat area.