Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little Art Bag

I have been having fun dying, coloring and stenciling fabric, I'm making little bags that will hold hand outs and supplies for a class I will be teaching in Hampton, Va in a few weeks.
I put an informal "how I do this" on my blog but forgot to show the bird and best of all these cool little crayons called NEOCOLOR II a water soluble wax pastel. They will write on just about anything and as it says they will blend with a damp brush. They are a bit expensive but try out a few basic colors then go for the BIG box. Here is a link to see all the things they can do.
You can see the back side of the bag on my blog. Have fun creating.


steph b said...

Very nice, Tory. Lucky students who take your class
P.S. I want one.

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff I always enjoy the blog sight. The annual Doors show is always spectacular.