Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Personal Santos

The Santos project, a couple weeks ago some members of our group got together to make a Santos, but what turned out was a collaborative adventure.
Gaylin Lankin has been making beautiful Santos for some time and offered to share her ideas, Stephanie Brockway ran with the offer, organized us and made multiple wooden bases, Tory Brokenshire (me) developed a new Santos head and taught it to the gang. We worked at a furious rate at the 100 Monkeys Studio but were unable to complete our project. Steph went back to work and set us up for a finishing day at the beautiful Rabbit Hill Farm.
A beautiful grouping but up close they they are magnificent. Each one stands over 30" tall.

We started with the basics, wood and sand paper.

The heads are well worth the time spent, They all have their own personality.

Sharing thoughts and ideas is what makes this group of women so special. A quiet and wonderful experience happens every time we get together, each woman/artist wants the person next to them to be successful and happy with the piece they are working on, so quietly without thinking they make it happen without anyone ever knowing and they all do it.

And the details are started...

draping, pinning....

and sewing make our Santos everything we dreamed.
Most of the group with there own personal Santos, each one looks as if it has a story or thought to convey.

This is one of my Santos and on my blog you can see the others in detail as well as at Robin's blog and Paula's. If you would like to make one of your own Santos I will be teaching this workshop at Art and Soul Portland in Oct.

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