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Artist Profile--Jennifer Campbell

Our featured artist this month is Jennifer Campbell. Jennifer is our resident organizer who always amazes us with how much she gets done without even flinching. Her organizational skills are essential for keeping track of all the tiny vintage pieces she collects for her wonderful jewelry and art objects.

1. What are the main mediums you use? What do you find satisfying about them?

I love creating found object jewelry pieces from vintage tins and clock and watch gears and watch faces. I started creating my heart pendants (known as Heartwings) 4 years ago. As they progressed over the years I have moved forward from originally attaching pieces with E-6000 to using the microfasteners that I use today.

I’ve always enjoyed creating with recycled items which really works with this Steampunk style (watch gears and parts) which is a combination of Victorian and science fiction (think Sherlock Holmes or Time Machine). Its fun dismantling old pocket watches and clocks. Being able to recycle the movements of unworking timepieces along with combining the microfasteners and watch fasteners and charms is just heaven.

2. If someone were going to get started in those mediums, what suggestions would you give?

Blogs are a great way to keep up with your favorite artists and any classes they may be teaching (either online or in person). I suggest taking a workshop at a local art shop or at an art retreat. Books and magazines, of course, are wonderful for inspiration as well as ideas.

And, just get in and do it! It’s a process to enjoy and make the most of.

3. A perfect art day would look like_________

One of my “artist dates” with myself. Road trip! A visit to an antiques market or flea market accompanied by the music of Il Divo. Making fabulous finds on this treasure hunt, and having fun negotiating with the dealers. A back roads drive (maybe through wine country) on the way home, stopping in a little town for lunch at a cafĂ© the locals frequent (beer and wood-fired pizza). A few stops on the road back at antiques shops and a cup of tea when I arrive home along with creating a Soul Collage card to honor the day I’ve had.

4. Do you have dedicated studio space? Give a brief description of where you work.

My main studio space is my garage. My vintage tins are on shelves where I can see them and be inspired by the graphics and colors. I don’t mind creating a mess out there and many months of the year I can leave the garage door open to bring in the fresh air and sunshine (especially in the summer).

Another space I use is my dining room table. I have an armoire where I keep the “art supplies of the moment” and my favorite books that inspire me (vintage jewelry assemblage and Steampunk).

My other favorite space is my inspiration space which is my living room.

I’ll sit with a cup of tea and have a view of the canals of Venice (the mural I painted on the wall), my newly landscaped front yard, my favorite books right there – fabulous!

5. Favorite place you've visited or lived?

My favorite place I’ve visited is Venice, Italy. I love to wander the streets along the canals, not caring if I get “lost”. I mean, really, how far can one get lost there. Venturing into a tiny shop and talking with the proprietor who has owned the shop for 50 years, coming upon a fantastic museum, eating a gelato, an espresso at 4pm and dinner at a local restaurant where you are an “old friend” by the time you’ve been there only twice. Nate Berkus says to “live wherever in the world you want to be”. And my home reminds me of Italy.

6. What inspires you (or are there recurring themes in your work)?

I’m inspired by my treasure hunts through antique shops or flea markets (whether here or in Europe). I never know what will strike as inspiration. I’m very inspired by the fabulous women artists of Portland Art Collective. I love being part of this tribe! I think a recurring theme is “vintage”, creating something from items with a history to create an item looking for a new history.

A favorite antique market in Venice:

7. I still struggle with_______________

Giving myself time with ME. What with working with my organizing clients in my business, The Art of Organizing, and building my creativity coaching business, Life in Colour Creative Life Coaching, I have to make sure to put myself on the calendar. The time I take for reflection, meditation and play and seeing my friends is priceless.

8. I'd be lost without__________

My belief in the Law of Attraction and the power of the Universe…and

my artist friends in the Portland Art Collective, they are so inspiring to me and I treasure any and all time I get to spend with them. And, of course, my friends of many years, as well as my sister and cousin.

9. Favorite dessert?

I adore freshly-made cannoli (especially the ones you can get in a little bakery in Boston’s North End). And anything chocolate.

10. What's on the horizon?

Building my creativity coaching business, Life in Colour Creative Life Coaching (oh…did I mention that again?) I’m having a fabulous time coming up with creativity exercises that will move my clients forward with their creativity.

In April I will be training to become a Soul Collage Facilitator, so be on the lookout for my upcoming Soul Collage workshops!

I’ll also be working on my Etsy store so I can sell my found-object jewelry online. Currently my assemblage art and found object jewelry can be seen at Schafer Studios in Beaverton, OR ( and at Rock Your World Gallery ( new gallery in Lincoln City – 1423 NW Hwy 101 – 97367).

And on my plate right this minute is having my yard landscaped to create my own little inspiration space in the front yard, complete with a fire pit, the sound of water and gorgeous plants to combine with found object art.

See more of Jennifer's artwork on her blog.

Jennifer Campbell CPC

Life in Colour Creative Life Coaching

The Art of Organizing

"Working with you to create an organized life"

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